CharlieBrownWell it looks like no Halloween fun for Charlie Brown this year, and his pal Linus will have no one to console him when the Great Pumpkin fails to show up. Charlie Brown has fallen on hard times.

Via MSN:

A California man who as a child actor voiced the cartoon character Charlie Brown was charged on Friday with threatening a judge, a witness and the San Diego County sheriff at a court hearing meant to sentence him for other charges.

Peter Robbins, 59, had faced up to three years and two months in state prison for violating his probation after he earlier admitting charges of stalking and making threats.

Instead, he was charged with two counts of criminal threats, against the judge and a witness; one of attempted criminal threat for allegedly offering $50,000 for the murder of Sheriff Bill Gore, and one count of felony vandalism of his jail cell.

Robbins cried through the hearing, according to Deputy District Attorney Brenda Daly.

“He has shown such a spectrum of emotions that I try not to pay attention,” Daly said.

Robbins’ attorney, Jo Ellen Super, did not return calls seeking comment on the new charges.

Robbins had pleaded guilty to charges of stalking and making threats in May 2013, after harassing and threatening an ex-girlfriend and the plastic surgeon who enhanced her breasts. Read More…

I wonder if it was the little red-headed girl who got the boob job?