Marina McCarthy, 22, was charged with possession of a controlled substance after she was caught trying to hide heroin in her lady garden.

Ladies, when are you going to learn the proper usage of your lady gardens? Hoo-has aren’t for hiding things, much-less heroin — especially when you’re pregnant.

Unfortunately for, Marina McCarthy, 22, of Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania , that was a lesson that was never taught to her. After a routine traffic stop in New Jersey, the six month pregnant woman was arrested after police discovered that she had 89 packets of heroin lodged firmly up her love canal.

I bet you that was a fun pat down.

McCarthy was arrested last Friday after pulled over in a traffic stop with her boyfriend, Dakota Dunning, 27, over a minor traffic offense. Dunning was found to have been driving under a suspended license and the vehicle was unregistered and unlicensed.

Since they were unable to come up with a plausible, or consistant story on how they were driving around in an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, combined with what the cops suspected were fresh needle track marks on Dunning’s body, made the police decide to call in the drug sniffing dogs.

That’s when things got fun.


McCarthy, who was taken to police headquarters because she had a warrant from Sparta for $1,000, had been handcuffed in the front of her body because she was six months pregnant, the captain said. When Detective James Calaski was viewing the car’s camera footage, he saw her reaching into her pants numerous times.

A female Wyckoff police officer came to Glen Rock headquarters and McCarthy retrieved the bags of heroin from her body in the bathroom in the presence of the Wyckoff officer, Miller said.

She was checked out by borough EMTs but refused to go to the hospital, he said. After being charged, she was released pending a court appearance on March 17. Read More…