46-year-old Victor Thompson first became internet famous back in 2008 just before the lead up to Super Bowl XLII where the New York Giants stunned the undefeated New England Patriots.


Victor Thompson, 46, arrested for possession of Spice, the synthetic marijuana.

Thompson, formerly of Laconia, New Hampshire, a huge Patriots fan got tattooed a replica (not very good quality) of a his favorite team’s helmet permanently etched into his skull a week before the Super Bowl loss.

His 15 minutes of fame weren’t up just yet, as in July of 2008 he was back in the news, having had launched a website where he planned to collect $200.00 and in return he would grant the purchaser one square inch on his body to have whatever they wanted tattooed on him.

“I’m getting paid to do what I like to do best,” said Victor Thompson, who is charging $200 per square inch of tattooed advertisement. “It’s a one-time fee and it’s a lifetime advertisement.”

Now 6 years later it seems that Thompson’s fifteen minutes of fame is still not over as he’s back in the news for a drug arrest.

Last September 10th, in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he recently moved to, police arrested Thompson for possession of Spice, the synthetic marijuana. Thompson told cops that he did not know that the synthetic ganja was illegal in Florida, claiming that it was “still legal in New Hampshire,” his home state.

Thompson was charged with felony drug possession and trespassing, a misdemeanor. He is being held in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of $1500 bond.