The city of San Rafael, CA, recently enacted one of the strictest anti-smoking measures in the Nation. It is now illegal for anyone to smoke within the confines of their own home if that home shares a wall with another residence. That includes not just renters but property owners as well.


The Nanny

Via ABC News:

Rebecca Woodbury, an analyst at the San Rafael City Manager’s office, helped craft the ban, which took effect Nov.14. “We based it on a county ordinance,” she told ABC News, “but we modified it, and ended up making it the strictest. I’m not aware of any ordinance that’s stronger.”

Cities with similar but less severe smoking restrictions include Cambridge, Mass., and other California cities, including Walnut Creek and Tiburon. In June, the Related Companies became the first developer and property owner to ban smoking in all 40,000 of its rental residences in 17 states.

Jessica Scaperotti, a spokeswoman for Related, said the ban had been popular. “There are more people who want to live in smoke-free environments than there are apartments available. Demand far exceeds supply.”

It is one thing for a landlord to ban smoking inside residences that are rented out, that’s privately owned property. Just as renter’s agreements can ban pets, repainting walls, etc. However to ban free private-property owners from doing being allowed to light up within the walls of their own private residence is just plain authoritarian.