Sometime during November of 2013, a UPS Store employee in Richmond, California, turned over a package of marijuana, that had arrived to Police Officer Joe Avila.


Richmond police officer Joe Avila (right), won’t face charges after 5 lbs. of marijuana was uncovered in his home. Photo by Kristopher Skinner.

After accepting the package, Avila radioed dispatch to inform them that a formal report of the incident would follow.

That incident report was never filed and the package, which contained about 4-5 pounds of marijuana, never made its way to the police evidence locker.

Five pounds of the wacky tobacky, is almost eighty times greater then the minimum amount needed to face jail time for possession. This past September, the drugs were found in Officer Avila’s home, today the District Attorney’s office decided that no charges would be pressed against the 17-year veteran of the force.

Via The Costa Contra Times:

RICHMOND — A Richmond police officer found with marijuana in his home earlier this year likely won’t be charged with a crime, authorities said, but his future on the police force is undetermined.

Veteran K-9 officer Joe Avila has been on paid administrative leave since September, pending an internal investigation, officials in the Richmond Police Department said.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office has been investigating since the case came to its attention earlier this year but is not inclined to file charges, said Robin Lipetzky, the county’s chief public defender. According to Lipetzky, the decision likely stems from evidence not strong enough to produce a conviction. Read More…

Avila’s excuse, that his union backed him up on, was that he took the mary jane home to “train” his police dog. Just another case of those entrusted with enforcing the law, being allowed to break the law