Mr. Fuck

I don’t know, if my last name was Fuck, I would totally own that shit.

Via Medicine Hat News:

What’s in a name?

For Medicine Hat College Rattlers men’s basketball forward Guilherme Carbagiale Fuck, the answer is simple: pride.

While the Brazilian basketball star’s name may stand out on paper, it’s pronounced “Foo-key” and is of German origin.

“It doesn’t mean what people think it means,” said Fuck. “In German it means fox.”

Given the fact that Fuck’s name could bring about unwanted confusion, the college initially opted to use his middle, or first-last name, Carbagiale.

“In a lot of ways, at the beginning we were just going to avoid any confusion or any potential issues, whereas now we’re at the point of, this is the guy’s name, he’s an all-Canadian. We shouldn’t be avoiding it, he’s proud of being a Rattler and we want to support him,” said Rattlers head coach Craig Price. “I think he takes great pride in his heritage, in where he comes from, and technically in what his name is.” Read More…

Except I thought “Fuchs” was the German word for fox, this guys name is just fuck. Own it dude.