Uh Oh. Mastodon have gone pop.

No not really, but their recently released fifth studio album The Hunter is probably the most accessible (and by that I mean radio ready) album to date. Much like Opeth’s newest album “Heritage,” The Hunter has more clean vocals as opposed to balls to the walls screaming then any Mastodon album before it.

No, that is not a bad thing and no, Mastodon have most definitely not ’sold out.’

On The Hunter the Prog elements on the last album have been toned down just a bit for just a bit of a dare I say stoner rock – for lack of a better term – influence. “Curl of the Burl,” the albums first single and the second track on the album sounds like it could have been written by Joshe Homme for the next Queens of the Stone Age record.

Tracks 4 and 5, “Stargasm” and “Octopus Has No Friends” as well as the albums title track have a very space rock sound that reminds me very much of Sweden’s Dozer.

Mastodon haven’t really broken any new ground in heavy metal on this album, but they have at the same time made a stellar sludge/doom/stoner album and have proven that they can’t really do no wrong. If you were looking for an in your face make your ears bleed full on heavy assault, The Hunter may not be the album for you. But if you like a little bit of melody and atmosphere in your metal, kick back with your favorite adult beverage of choice or spark one up if that’s your thing and enjoy the ride.