Apparently its illegal to be American now…

Via The UK Daily Mail:

A 22-year-old Florida rocker was arrested and charged with breaching the peace after his inspired performance of the Star Spangled Banner on the Fourth of July drew a crowd of nearly 200 people.

Lane Pittman was shredding with a guitar and amp to the delight of holiday revelers when officers from the Neptune Beach Police Department asked him to move from the street to the sidewalk.

Pittman complied and then launched into his rendition of the National Anthem before transitioning into a version of Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold, as seen in a video shot on July 4 around 3pm.

As members of the crowd applauded and chanted, officers approached Pittman and had a brief conversation with the guitarist before leading him away, leaving friends to deal with his equipment.

Pittman was handcuffed, taken to the police station, given a notice to appear and charged with misdemeanor breach of the peace, according to News4Jax.

According to Pittman, officers said they considered charging him with inciting a riot and keeping him in jail overnight.

He said: ‘That blows my mind, because it was peaceful up until the time they arrested me.

‘I don’t think I ever played that song as good in my life as I did on that day. Read More…

Inciting a riot? Really?!?!? Where?


So much for land of the free…