There is a term that I like to use for people, but only on very rare occasions and it is used for the most vile of the vile. I normally reserve this word term for evil dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Fidel Castro; or for complete idiots like Michael Moore or Jay Bennish I have never used this term on a former American President, until now. Jimmy Carter is a piece of crap.

How anybody as intellectually and morally dishonest as Mr. Carter (from this point on I refuse to address him as President Carter) can be given an ounce of respect when he flaps his gums is just something that I have a most difficult time of comprehending.

Jimmy Carter in an interview with German magazine der Spiegel, promoting his new book, made some down right disgusting, inaccurate and traitorous statements.

SPIEGEL: Mr. Carter, in your new book you write that only the American people can ensure that the US government returns to the country’s old moral principles. Are you suggesting that the current US administration of George W. Bush of acting immorally?

Carter: There’s no doubt that this administration has made a radical and unpressured departure from the basic policies of all previous administrations including those of both Republican and Democratic presidents.

SPIEGEL: For example?

Carter: Under all of its predecessors there was a commitment to peace instead of preemptive war. Our country always had a policy of not going to war unless our own security was directly threatened and now we have a new policy of going to war on a preemptive basis. Another very serious departure from past policies is the separation of church and state, which I describe in the book. This has been a policy since the time of Thomas Jefferson and my own religious beliefs are compatible with this. The other principle that I described in the book is basic justice. We’ve never had an administration before that so overtly and clearly and consistently passed tax reform bills that were uniquely targeted to benefit the richest people in our country at the expense or the detriment of the working families of America.

Newsflash, Mr. Carter but our security is directly threatened everyday it has been since Islamic extremists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. Every day militant extremists who pledge allegiance to organizations like Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah vow to one day destroy us and our way of life. As far as Iraq goes, it wasn’t as much a preemptive strike as it was finally living up to 10+ years of United Nations threats after Iraq continued to ignore resolution after resolution. It was really just a continuation of the earlier Gulf War which was never really, truly finished.

The birth of the problem with terrorism and Islamic extremism occurred during your failed four years in office, it was your failed policies that gave rise to the problems we face today.

Then, Mr. Carter, you get to one of the favorite liberal rallying cries that George W. Bush is trampling on the long held tradition of a separation of church and state. Anybody that knows me knows that while I am a Roman Catholic, the only church I worship on Sundays is the Church of the National Football League every Sunday during the fall at Cleveland Browns Stadium or right in front of my television. However, this belief by the left that Bush is trampling on the separation of church and state is ridiculous.

First of all, exactly where in the U.S. Constitution does it provide for a separation of church and state? The answer is nowhere. The 1st amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” That means that there shall be no official state sponsored religion. The framers of the constitution put this in their so the fledgling U.S.A. would not have the same kind of problems that helped spawn people leaving England and coming over to the new world, the Church of England.

This Jeffersonian notion of a separation of church and state is total baloney, and has been greatly misused. The term first appears, nowhere in the Constitution, but in a letter from Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, on Jan 1, 1802.

There was a rumor that a particular denomination was on the verge of being recognized as the official denomination of the United States. Jefferson wrote to them, to calm their fears and assure them that the federal government would never establish any single denomination of Christianity as the National denomination. In that letter he wrote, “The First Amendment has erected a wall of separation between Church and State.”

Last time I checked, I do not remember their being a “Church of the United States.” So secondly, I ask, where exactly has the administration of George W. Bush trampled upon this long held system of a separation of church and state in this country, please site some examples. The first amendment is all about religious freedom; it is the left in this country that is trampling on that freedom.

As far as his last point in the above quote, while I really can’t stand Rush Limbaugh I think he summed it up pretty damn good on his radio show today, so I’ll go with his response here.

“The other principle that I described in the book,” Carter says, “is basic justice. We’ve never had an administration before that so overtly and clearly and consistently passed tax reform bills that were uniquely targeted to benefit the richest people in our country at the expense or the detriment of the working families of America,” and here Mr. Carter demonstrates just pure ignorance. Can he not see what is happening in the US economy? Does he not see the growth of the world economy, even after 9/11, even with terrorism out there? Does he not see the 15% increase in the United States GDP? Does he not know all of the increased tax revenues flowing into his precious government because these tax cuts? All we have done is increased employment, we’re at 4.8% employment, Mr. Carter.

What was it when you were ruining the country? You tell me, sir, what was employment? What were interest rates, you expert? You’ve got all the answers, sitting around in your Cardigan sweater with the thermostat at 68 degrees in the wintertime. Bah, humbug, sir! This is absolutely ridiculous. He is parading his abject ignorance. He gets a Nobel Peace Prize for it. Wages are up in this country. Affluence in this country has never been higher. The standard of living has never been higher — and he sits here and talks about the immorality of tax cuts for the rich? Tell me, sir, do you think the capital gains tax cut has anything to do with surprising revenues flowing into the treasury? The projected deficit is smaller; experts are stunned every month when employment or other economic figures are released.

You sit there in Germany and you dare to criticize this economy when you ruined the US economy for four years? We had gasoline lines, we had 14% inflation, we had interest rates that were approaching 20%. It was so bad, sir, during your great presidency, we had to come up with the misery index to quantify and explain it — and your presidency was called that of malaise and you’re the one that named it. (interruption) What? Well, of course he blames it all on the people. Liberals always blame everything on the people! The people are stupid; the people don’t know what they’re doing. The people didn’t understand the gift that God had given them in the Jimmy Carter presidency. 

Jimmy Carter goes on to talk about the hatred of America amongst the Middle Eastern world, in his book he says that it is because of the war in Iraq and in the interview he says that it is escalating because of the Israel/Hezbolla situation.

SPIEGEL: You also mentioned the hatred for the United States throughout the Arab world which has ensued as a result of the invasion of Iraq. Given this circumstance, does it come as any surprise that Washington’s call for democracy in the Middle East has been discredited?

Carter: No, as a matter of fact, the concerns I exposed have gotten even worse now with the United States supporting and encouraging Israel in its unjustified attack on Lebanon.

I don’t know but don’t remember 9/11 happening after we invaded Iraq. If I remember right that was what just barely nine whole months into Bush’s Presidency that those attacks occurred. And once again, I may be mistaken but I think the first World Trade Center Bombing was in 1993, what was that a whole 8 years before W was in office, that’s like what a decade before we invaded Baghdad?  USS Cole, that was before Bush was in office too wasn’t it, so no that couldn’t have been about Iraq either.

Hmm, all those events before we invaded Iraq, yet this hatred of America throughout the Arab world, is a result of us being in Iraq according to Mr. Carter. Newsflash, dip shit, The Arab World does not hate us because we are in Iraq, they have hated us long before that. Fundamentalist Islamic extremists hate us because of who we are, they hate us because we live in a country that has religious freedom, they hate us because we live in a country that allows for more people to know who the three stooges are then who are three of our supreme court justices. They hate us because we live in the greatest country on God’s green earth a place where assholes like you are allowed to spew vile hatred about your own country and guys like me are allowed to write blogs calling you a piece of crap.

As far as Israel’s so-called unjustified attack, not only did they act well within their rights but also they caved in the end and lost the skirmish falling to public pressure of appeasers and cut and runners like you. It was not an attack on Lebanon but an attack on Hezbollah, a terrorist group. You know the organizations you helped create and legitimize.

Later on in the interview, Mr. Carter had the audacity to take credit for something he had absolutely nothing to do with, the lack of hostilities between Egypt and Israel for the last 27 years. 

SPIEGEL: Do you think the United States is still an important factor in securing a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis?

Carter: Yes, as a matter of fact as you know ever since Israel has been a nation the United States has provided the leadership. Every president down to the ages has done this in a fairly balanced way, including George Bush senior, Gerald Ford, and others including myself and Bill Clinton. This administration has not attempted at all in the last six years to negotiate or attempt to negotiate a settlement between Israel and any of its neighbors or the Palestinians.

SPIEGEL: What makes you personally so optimistic about the effectiveness of diplomacy? You are, so to speak, the father of Camp David negotiations.

Carter: When I became president we had had four terrible wars between the Arabs and Israelis (behind us). And I under great difficulty, particularly because Menachim Begin was elected, decided to try negotiation and it worked and we have a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt for 27 years that has never been violated. You never can be certain in advance that negotiations on difficult circumstances will be successful, but you can be certain in advance if you don’t negotiate that your problem is going to continue and maybe even get worse.

Mr. Carter the only think you had to do with that peace treaty was providing a meeting place. Anwar Sadat was the reason for the Camp David Accord. It was his bravery in doing something that caused him to be hated amongst fellow Arabs and ultimately assassinated that caused the peace between Israel and Egypt. You Mr. Carter were just there to watch and pose for pictures. Anwar Sadat became the first Arab leader to recognize Israel and he was killed, to much joy amongst the Muslim world, because of it.

I cannot even stomach continuing on dissecting the rest of this interview. Its pure garbage spewing from the mouth of the most inept man to ever sit behind the desk of the oval office.