Also, Obama’s and the lunatic liberals latest pet cause is not the squeeky clean choir-boy that progressive nuts make him out to be.

Via Bizpac Review:

While a student at Sam Houston Middle School, Mohamed “racked up weeks of suspensions,” while clashing with school officials and claiming he was the victim of anti-Muslim bullying by the staff and students, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“He was a weird little kid,” Ron Kubiak, his former seventh-grade history teacher told the Morning News. “I saw a lot of him in me. That thirst for knowledge … he’s one of those kids that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang.”

Among his shenanigans, the report claims, Mohamed once created a remote control to interfere with a projector a teacher was using in class and bragged to others that he recited his First Amendment rights while in the principal’s office. Read More…