Here’s another great story about “the religion of peace.” Hina Saleem 21, a young Pakistani girl living in northern Italy was killed by her own father. Her crime? Being a normal 21 year old girl just like the other girls in Italy.

The killing was “a kind of punishment inflicted by her father because she did not respect the rules of their ethnicity and culture,” Brescia prosecutor Giancarlo Tarquini said at a news conference.

The father and brother-in-law of the young woman were charged with murder and concealing the body, while a third male family member was still being hunted by police Wednesday.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the murder was premeditated, a hypothesis supported by the fact that the women and children of the family appeared to have been removed from the house before the murder.

The father told police that he killed his daughter because he did not want her to “become like the others.”

He has remained silent since then and his lawyer has described him as an extremely pious man “who respected the Koran to the letter.”

“Hina was very beautiful. She used to wear mini-skirts or show her belly button like all girls of her age, and she spoke Italian very well,” a woman living next door to the flat that the young woman shared with her boyfriend told news agency ANSA.

This “honor killing” hasn’t garnered much main stream media attention here in the US and I haven’t heard a peep out of any of the feminist organizations here in the US. But that’s to be expected.

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