A parking sign spotted in Culver City, California.

Sometimes you will see a picture on the internet, look at it and decide “that has to be photo-shopped.” At first glance when seeing this picture that was my thought. Well I was wrong, big government strikes again.

Last Thursday, August 21st, a couple of nearly 15-foot parking restriction signs were spotted around Culver City, CA.

Via The Los Angeles Times:

The signs were posted Thursday.

By Friday afternoon, the signs were gone, said Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells.

Sahli-Wells — who has a son who attends the school — said there have been parking and traffic problems in the area around the school for several years. When neighborhood parking restrictions were put into place two years ago, “it relieved the community, but made it very difficult for teachers, staff and parents to access the school,” she said in an e-mail.

The towering signs “are an example of a good program with misguided communication,” Sahli-Wells said. “When I saw the number of signs, originally intended to communicate to the public and school community about the new procedures, it was clear to me and everyone else who saw them that rather than clarifying the new procedures, they were just confusing.” Read More…

“Good program” and “misguided communication,” doesn’t that just sum up government to a tee?