The next generation of the Bush family dynasty is getting ready to take the first step towards walking in the footsteps of his predecessors. This time its going to be different though, because this Bush is a conservative. Really, he promises.

George P. Bush, son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, grandson of 41st President H.W. Bush and nephew of 43rd President George W. Bush is running for the title of Texas Land Commissioner.

From the AP:

“On social questions, national defense, economic issues, I’m a strong conservative,” Bush told The Associated Press.

That kind of statement helps make him the latest – and perhaps one of the more unlikely – faces in the parade of Republicans marching even farther to the right in already fiercely conservative Texas.

As he takes baby steps away from the Bush legacy, George P. could struggle to convince the party’s far right that he’s really more conservative than either of his elders who have occupied the Oval Office.

“A Bush can’t be a true conservative,” said Morgan McComb, a North Texas tea party activist and organizer.

Bush insists that he’s up to the challenge, noting that he was an early supporter of tea party hero Sen. Ted Cruz, who after less than a year in the Senate has rocketed from relative political unknown to ruler of the Texas GOP.

“That’s something that we bring to the table that’s different,” Bush said. “We’re a mainstream conservative that appeals to all Republicans.”

James Bernsen, Cruz’s former campaign spokesman, said the Bushes “walk in certain circles, and some of those people might put their nose up at Ted sometimes, but George P. tries to cross that divide.”

“George recognizes that it’s a blessing and a curse to have that last name,” Bernsen said. “There’s a reason he’s not really being challenged on the ballot. But he also realizes there’s a lot of people who will be very skeptical of him.

I didn’t vote for P’s uncle in 2000, though I admittedly did “fall in line” post 9/11 and voted for W. in 2004. Bush’s 2000 campaign brand of “compassionate conservatism” which is just another way of masking love of big government programs, just did not appeal to me. George W. Bush is most definitely not the evil war-criminal that progressive nut-jobs make him out to be, he is a good guy whose Presidency was forever changed and will always be remembered in history because of the morning of September 11th 2001. He is not a conservative, neither is his father, brother or any other member of the family to have held political office.

Is George P. Bush going to be different? I don’t know, I hope so — but I probably doubt it. I would just hope that he’d pursue some other career path and let the family business no longer be politics. But that’s not going to happen. Time will tell if this Bush is going to be different, but looking at the families past, I wouldn’t bet on it.