In what very well may be the first step taken that will ultimately lead in their being bought out by Brawndo, the US Food & Drug Administration has recently approved a small study, allowing doctors at Pittsburgh’s UPMC Presbyterian Hospital to try to suspend human life.

The procedure will cut the body temperature of the test-subjects to 50 degrees Farenheit, for 2 hours,  by inserting a tube into the aorta and flushing the system with s saline solution.

The best part? Their not going to bother to ask permission first.

Via IFL Science:

Due to the extremely time-sensitive and dire nature of the injuries of the test subjects, the FDA has declared that the surgeons will not require informed consent. As a precaution, the team took out advertisements to inform the public of the upcoming study, and even set up a website that would allow people to opt out, if desired. As of yet, nobody has opted out.

The team will first use this technique on 10 trauma patients whose injuries would be otherwise fatal. That group will be compared against 10 other patients who are not able to undergo EPR, due to the surgical team not being available. After the first increments of 10 EPR and 10 control patients, the technique will be analyzed and refined. They will continue in this fashion until enough data points have been collected which will allow them to analyze the efficacy of suspending life in this manner, though a predetermined set number has not been made.