I posted this rant on Instagram while listening to this great album from two Country Music legends and then seeing a post on Facebook about Luke Bryan. It’s fueled by a couple glassed of sweet tea & bourbon, but the sentiments are true.

There is a reason that Django and Jimmie debuted at no. 1 on the billboard charts — fans are dying for authentic and true country music. If you’re a fan crying out for the country music of yesterday and missing the spirit of outlaw country. We need to hold on to albums and moments like this, because sadly we don’t have much more time with the Willie Nelson’s and Merle Haggard’s of the world. The thing is, real country music is not dead, it just doesn’t get played on the radio these days. As the so-called “country music” radio stations are focusing on garbage like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and a whole host of garbage… You just need to know where to find it. While George Jones lamented “Whose Gonna Fill There Shoes?” REAL country music is still out there. Dale Watson, Whitey Morgan, Sturgill Simpson, Cody Jinks, Lydia Loveless, Robbie Fulks, Jason Isbell, Hank III and a whole host of others I didn’t mention are still carrying the torch. They all sound different too. It’s out there — radio programmers just don’t seem to care Turn off CMT and “Country Music Radio” and go look for the real thing… It’s out there. #MerleHaggard #WillieNelson #DjangoandJimmie #RealCountryMusic #CountryMusic #OutlawCountry #PopCountrySucks #FuckPopCountry #Ameripolitan #AmeripolitanMusic #DaleWatson #WhiteMorgan #SturgillSimpson #CodyJinks #shooterjennings #brocountry #fuckbrocountry #brocountrysucks

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