My local bird cage liner, The Plain Dealer, reported today that a “source” told them that there is a telephone poll in the works that will ask Ohio voters about a hypothetical Democratic ticket pushing the former U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich as a gubernatorial candidate.

The UFO-seeing, hot young ginger wife having former boy mayor of Cleveland, got booted out of Congress after redistricting pitted him against Ohio’s 9th district incumbent Marcy Kaptur in the 2012 Democratic primary.

From The Plain Dealer:

The Ohio Democratic Party is aligned behind Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald as its candidate against Republican Gov. John Kasich. Portune expressed interest in a primary challenge last month, after FitzGerald’s first running mate, State Sen. Eric Kearney of Cincinnati, dropped off the ticket due to his financial problems.

Kucinich, the former mayor of Cleveland who spends much of his time in Washington after losing his seat in a 2012 redistricting battle, earlier refuted speculation that he also might throw his hat in the ring. On Wednesday, his response was notably different.

“No comment,” Kucinich said by text message after being asked specifically about the poll and whether he was considering a run in the Democratic primary. Read More Here

Being of Croatian decent, I’ve always felt an extra pang of embarrassment for the half Croatian, half Irish Kucinich. But I gotta say a Kucinich vs Kasich Governors race pitting two candidates of Croatian decent would be pretty cool, and probably pretty hillarious to watch as a political observer as well.