Least offensive sign in the world, taken down due to political correctness.

Bowing to political correctness, and citing “safety concerns” the owner of Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, VT removed an advertisement that read “YIELD FOR BACON,” because a local Muslim resident found the sign offensive.


It got there as part of “Operation Bloom.”

A city program put it in place to keep its flower beds beautiful. If businesses do some gardening they can post an advertisement where they do it, but the word “bacon” on the Sneakers Bistro sign started a discussion about diversity on the Winooski Front Porch Forum.

It started with a post from one woman who wrote that the sign was insensitive to those who do not consume pork. She said as a Muslim she is personally offended by it.

The owners of Sneakers spoke to WPTZ. They say they’ve reached out to the individual who made the post and proactively took the sign down. They also say they regret any harm caused by the sign, and that their goal was never to cause stress or bad feelings. Read More…

On their now deleted Facebook page Sneakers Bistro had this response:

“We are here to serve people BREAKFAST, not politics. We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community. There were also concerns raised about safety. Removing it was not a difficult decision. We still love bacon. We still love eggs. Please have the political conversation elsewhere.”

I’m interested to know what these “concerns raised about safety,” were? Did they think that the sign was going to cause potential traffic accidents over cars stopping in the street over the thoughts of wonderful tasty bacon goodness? Or were they concerned about violence over their harmless and amusing ad?

It is a free country, or at least it is supposed to be. Much like I wrote in my post about atheists attacking an Arkansas restaurant for their church bulletin promotion, I believe that in a free society small-business owners should be allowed to run their businesses as they see fit. So they have every right to pull their sign down due to political correctness, I just think that its sad and pathetic.