BigBrother1984_smlWhile most of the nation is caught up in the post Super Bowl period and the various controversies about the different advertisements that were shown during the game, the Federal Government today announced plans to go forward with a plan that would require all vehicles to be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.

This past August the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) completed a year-long study in Ann Arbor that cost taxpayers 25 million dollars to see if connected cars would make driving safer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) plans to release the findings “shortly.”

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx claims that this technology could potentially save “…thousands of lives and even prevent accidents in the first place.” He hopes to submit the regulation by the time Obama leaves office in January 2017.

From The Detroit News:

The technology — which involves vehicles repeatedly sending wireless signals to each other — can help alert cars if a oncoming car is about to drive through a stop sign. It can detect threats from hundreds of yards away and tell drivers if they can pass safely or make a left turn.

“DOT believes that the signal this announcement sends to the market will significantly enhance development of this technology and pave the way for market penetration of (vehicle-to-vehicle) applications,” the department said.

Acting NHTSA chief David Friedman said the technology is a “game changer” and “nothing short of revolutionary.”

“Decades from now, it’s likely we’ll look back at this time period as one in which the historical arc of transportation safety considerably changed for the better,” Friedman said.

Foxx said the technology will not compromise driver privacy and won’t record the location of drivers. Some privacy advocates and conservative websites have raised concerns.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the trade group representing Detroit’s Big Three automakers, said much work needs to be done. Spokeswoman Gloria Bergquist said devices to connect vehicles “may play a larger role in future road safety, but many pieces of a large puzzle still need to fit together. We need to address security and privacy, along with consumer acceptance, affordability, achieving the critical mass to enable the ‘network effect’ and establishment of the necessary legal and regulatory framework.” Read More…

Just exactly what we need, more government in our lives… said no founding father, ever.