Comment Policy

This site provides the opportunity for visitors to communicate in the public domain through visitor-submitted, published comments. The nature inherent in online dialog raises significant questions in the areas of privacy, responsibility, and ownership of data related to these published conversations.

It is our belief that you deserve to know your rights and responsibilities as a commenter on this site. You also deserve to know our rights, responsibilities, and intentions as site owner(s) with regards to the comment-related data you freely provide. Consequently, this Comment Policy governs your responsibilities and discloses our intent with your comment data.


This site is intended for mature audiences only. Parent’s keep watch over your kids.


WARNING: There are no rules governing conduct on this site. Offensive dialog may be presented.


Just because there are no rules of conduct that does not give anyone free reign to be a dick. Site owner grants visitors the right to publish whole and unaltered comments, there will be very limited use of moderation, basically don’t spam or maliciously cause harm. Don’t be a hateful dick.


Comment data related to your real identity, such as name, URL, and email address will never be shared, bartered, or sold to third parties.


Users may comment anonymously. “Brand Names” and online personas are permitted. Having a gravatar is encouraged, but not necessary.


Comment data is used for the express purpose of allowing visitors to participate in visible, public discussion on this site, and nothing else.

Legal Indemnity

Commenters agree to “hold harmless” site owners and authors from any and all legal repercussions, damages, and liabilities perceived to have been caused by participating in this site’s online conversations.