Is a 12 pack of beer not cutting it out for you? Well Texas Brewery, Austin Beerworks has just the product for you.

The 99-pack of beer.

Via CBS Money Watch:

Sales of the initial run of 20 99-packs don’t begin until Thursday in Austin, but news of the innovation has spread online, astounding the brewers over the public reaction.

“We’re a small brewer,” said co-founder Michael Graham. “We only sell in our hometown. We’re pretty amazed at how quickly it spread everywhere.”

He said the 99-pack launch was timed to coincide with the start of school at the University of Texas as well as the first football game this coming weekend.

Yet what may have been conceived as a fun promotional stunt may become a real business for the craft brewery.

“It’s really impractical,” said Graham, who expressed skepticism that customers would buy more than one 99-pack. “We conceived of it just to be silly, but we never thought there would be any real interest from retailers and consumers,” he told CBS MoneyWatch. “I guess we underestimated the power of a stupid idea.” Read More…