Nicholas Salerno, 90, of Dennis Port, Massachusetts, was charged recently with solicitation of a prostitute. The charge came after he had called the police to report that the call girl had stolen a necklace from him after the act.

bad_bitch_bitcoin_songSalerno reportedly paid 48-year-old Karen Proia $100 on June 22nd to take a taste of his beefy bologna.

He told police she used the bathroom in his house and he later noticed his necklace was missing. He reported the alleged theft to police June 30, records show.

Police recovered the necklace at Bass River Coin, records state.

A police officer told Salerno he also would be charged with a crime, for soliciting a prostitute, to which Salerno responded, “I don’t give a (expletive). I’m 90 years old …” according to court documents. Read More…

According to the police report, Salerno informed the officer that arrived to file the theft report that he had made, that he had learned about Proia from a friend who had told him that he had paid her for a blowjob and she’d do it for him too.

Salerno’s necklace was found later at a local pawn shop, a worker there told police that Proia had recently brought it in.

The charge of soliciting for Salerno was eventually dropped and Proia faces a September 1st court appearance for prostitution and larceny.

In a just world she’d just be facing charges for stealing the necklace, the other thing was just a business agreement between the two.