$761 Jar of peanut butter, officially known as Standard Reference Material No. 2387.

That $5 jar of Jif Peanut butter on the shelf at the grocery store just not your thing? Well the federal government has something for you. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has created the worlds most expensive jar of peanut butter.

Is this some kind of special peanut butter, is it made from some rare peanut that can only be found in some remote hard to reach corner of the world? Nope.

It is just normal, run of the mill peanut butter. The only thing special about it is the fact that it was made by an entity of the United States Federal government — thus the inflated price tag.


So why the eye-boggling price tag? It has to do with the labor involved: Dozens of scientists and lab technicians around the country spent time analyzing the peanut butter. This peanut butter is ”standard reference material, designed not to be eaten but… to be fed into gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers and other analytical equipment.” The NIST’s job is to provide a baseline product and respective analysis so that manufacturers have a reference by which to compare other, similar foods.

When it was first released in 2003, the NIST’s peanut butter was a huge step forward in food group analysis and cost $140 per jar. It has since more than quintupled in price.

Though it contains no gold, this is the gold standard of peanut butter. Read More…

I wonder if the government has a $1000 jar of grape jelly?