Unhappy: Monica Hargrove demanded her mugshot be removed from police’s Facebook page.

Who doesn’t get a little upset when someone uploads some pictures on Facebook and you see one of yourself that you just can’t stand? It’s happened to almost everyone, including 34-year-old Monica Hargrove of Columbus.

It wasn’t a friend or a family member that posted the pic that Hargrove didn’t like, it was the Columbus Police Department and the pic was a mugshot photo from a previous arrest.

According to police on August 30th Hargrove drove a friend to a drug store to pick up a prescription, and when the friend returned to the car Hargrove robbed her.

On September 10th as part of their weekly feature Warrant Wednesday, the Columbus Division Police’s public information team posted Hargrove’s mugshot to their Facebook page.

What happened next is downright hilarious.


After C.P.D. posted Hargrove’s photo on its Facebook page, she called police and demanded her mug shot be removed from the internet. “She said I want my photo off the CPD Facebook,” said Alex.

Hargrove made arrangements to come to CPD and speak with Detectives about removing her unflattering Kodak moment; instead she was arrested and booked on robbery charges.

“I am sure she was surprised, because she thought she was meeting with detectives, she should’ve known she had a warrant for her arrest,” said Alex.

Hargrove was allowed to take a new mug shot, however the “unflattering” photo she demanded be pulled from cyberspace is still roaming free on the information superhighway.

Hargrove was recently indicted by a County Grand Jury on kidnapping and robbery charges, and is now locked up in the Franklin County Jail. Read More…