Girls, when are you going to learn lady gardens are not for hiding things, especially not guns. Could you imagine what might happen if the safety was off? Hoo-ha’s aren’t holsters.

JenniferMcCarthyJennifer McCarthy, 48, ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Cormac McCarthy was arrested last week after pulling a gun out of her bearded clam and pointed it at her boyfriend during an argument… about aliens.

To everyone out there with the surname McCarthty, do not name your daughters Jenny, there’s like a 99% chance she’ll end up being bat-shit insane.

Via The Albuquerque Journal:

According to a police statement filed in Magistrate Court, McCarthy’s boyfriend told a deputy responding to a disturbance that McCarthy started performing a sex act with a silver handgun, asked, “Who is crazy, you or me?” then took the gun and pointed it at his head.

The gun came into play after the couple had argued about space aliens and McCarthy left the couple’s home on Aventura Road in Santa Fe, according to the boyfriend’s account.

When she came back, she went into the bedroom and came out dressed in lingerie and with the handgun in her private parts.

The boyfriend, who was not identified in the police statement, grabbed the gun after she pointed it at his head. He said he was afraid she was going to pull the trigger.

The boyfriend went into the bathroom and put the gun in the toilet. He told the deputy that when McCarthy went to retrieve the gun, he got it himself and put it in a trash can outdoors. Read More…

McCarthy’s ex-husband Cormac McCarthy is the author of the 2005 novel No Country For Old Men.