Not even in sin city are you free from the watchful eye of big brother.

From The Daily Mail:

Las Vegas is currently installing Intellistreet lights to their well-lit city. But Intellistreets are not just any street-lighting system.

The wireless, LED lighting, computer-operated lights are not only capable of illuminating streets, they can also play music, interact with pedestrians and are equipped with video screens, which can display police alerts, weather alerts and traffic information. The high tech lights can also stream live video of activity in the surrounding area.

But there’s one major concern.These new street lights, being rolled out with the aid of government funding, are also capable of recording video and audio.

Civil rights activist, Daphne Lee told NBC News 3 that she is worried about her freedom as an American citizen.

“This technology, you know is taking us to a place where, you know, you’ll essentially be monitored from the moment you leave your home till the moment you get home,” said Lee.

On Intellistreets website, inventor Ron Harwood explains that cameras for surveillance and recording devices can be installed in the light fixtures. But Las Vegas public works director, Jorge Servantes told News 3 that recording pedestrians is not in the cards in the immediate future.

Not going to use it to snoop on people? That’s a bet I would not be willing to take.