Michael Medved has a great post up today on townhall.com, where he discusses the root problem of Islamic Extremism.

Unlike the controversial “Chosen People” concept in Judaism, the Islamic notion of seizing power and conquest for the believers has never been purely spiritual, and has always featured a practical, political and temporal component. During Mohammed’s own lifetime, his movement spread through ruthless military conquest and within a generation of his death his successors had built a major world empire. Despite anti-Semitic screeds that warn of Jewish plots to achieve international “control,” not even the most fervent religious Zionist has ever called for imposing halakha (Jewish law) on the nations of the world, while hundreds of millions of Muslims openly demand that governments everywhere should adapt sharia (Islamic religious law) as the law of the land.

Too many people on the left claim that the causes of Islamic extremism our are attitudes towards Muslims and our support of Israel. When the real cause of radicalized Islam, is the interpretation of the Koran by many Islamic religious leaders.