This brings a whole new meaning to drunk texting.

Via R&D Mag:


After successfully text messaging “O Canada” using evaporated vodka, two York Univ. researchers and their UK-based counterpart say their simple system can be used where conventional wireless technology fails.

“Chemical signals can offer a more efficient way of transmitting data inside tunnels, pipelines or deep underground structures. For example, the recent massive clog in the London sewer system could have been detected earlier on, and without all the mess workers had to deal with by sending robots equipped with a molecular communication system,” says Professor Andrew Eckford. The experiment was conducted in his lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science located in Lassonde School of Engineering at York University.

The chemical signal, using the alcohol found in vodka, was sent 4 m across the lab with the aid of a tabletop fan. It was then demodulated by a receiver that measured the rate of change in concentration of the alcohol molecules, picking up whether the concentration was increasing or decreasing.         Read the rest here…