When I reach this mans age, hell when I reach 50, I hope to have at least half the amount of spunk that he does. Carl Davis, 91, from Cleveland, OK, has been collecting cars for pretty much his whole life. He states that he bought his first vehicle, a 1927 Dodge, at the age of only 8.


Carl Davis, who will auction many of his cars, drives his 1935 Ford Coupe at his Cleveland property last week. He says the ’35 Coupe is his favorite in his collection. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

Over the years he has accumulated hundreds of old cars, trucks and tractors on his 10-acre lot in Oklahoma. However the World War II Navy veteran will have to auction off the bulk of his collection due to vandals and criminals that take advantage of his age and steal from him.

When you get to the ripe old age of 91, you tend to have a fairly set routine and crooks take advantage of this by studying it. One person will divert his attention while their partner makes away with something from Davis’s lot. Sick and tired of people stealing from his and damaging his property, he has had enough.

He’s still full of spunk though.


Via The Tulsa World:

Nowadays, Davis, whose second wife died about 18 years ago, shows up seven days a week at his garage, where he restores his classics and kicks the tires with whoever drops by.

“I just sit here and jabber,” he says.

And while Davis, himself, is a 1923 model, his chassis is much younger.

When he was in his early 80s, as he bent over to air up a truck tire, it blew up in his face. The impact was so violent that it bruised his chest black and “knocked his false teeth down his throat,” Merriman said. The explosion also punctured a lung, broke his jaw and crushed the bone around his eye. He was unconscious for four days and spent two weeks in the ICU.

“The doctor said that if he wasn’t in such good shape, it would have killed him,” his daughter said.

That episode came a handful of years after he went Jack Dempsey on a hooligan.

Davis’ wrecker service had impounded a car, and three men came to reclaim it. Problem was, they didn’t have the proper paperwork. When Davis refused to release the vehicle, one of the men called him something you can’t print in a family newspaper.

“I didn’t like what they said, and I went and boxed that boy a good one,” Davis said. “He was standing about where you are now. He landed back out there in the road.

“But he had a buddy that was a big ol’ dude. What he hit me with I don’t know. But he knocked me down. That’s when the trouble started.”

Cold-cocked by a 2-by-4, Davis grabbed a bumper, rose to a knee and made it to his feet, a shock that sent the visitors scattering. No charges were filed because he threw the first punch, Merriman said.

“He’s gone through quite a bit in the last 15 to 20 years,” his son, Rick Davis, said. “He is tough.” Read More…

Anyone who can open up a can of whoop-ass like that in his 80’s, you know was a bad-motherfucker in his younger days.