Billy Goree, 42, of Ogden, Utah, was sentenced 0-5 years for shoplifting two burritos from a gas station. A State parole board will decide his release date.

It looks like the State of Utah is doing a great job of locking up hardened, violent criminals. 42-year-old Billy Goree, of Ogden, Utah, was sentenced up to five years for the violent and heinous crime of swiping two gas station burritos.

I shudder at the thought of what Utah does to people who forget to feed the parking meter.

Via KSL:

Judge Scott Hadley said Tuesday he felt uncomfortable sending the 42-year-old man to prison for shoplifting a meal, but the man has a long history of theft arrests.

Billy Goree said he was hungry when he stole the burritos and was willing to change, but the judge said he’s violated his probation in the past.

Police say Goree was caught stealing the burritos on a security camera in September and police found and arrested him nearby. Read More…

I wonder how many sex-offenders and murderers will have to be released to make room for yet another violent burrito thief.