Twins tend to share things a lot, however a pair of Australian sisters take the concept to a whole new level. Not only do Anna and Lucy DeCinque share the same genetic make-up, the same Facebook account and the same freakish love for horrible plastic surgery — they also share the same live-in boyfriend.

Anna-and_Lucy-plastic-twins-1Via Woman’s Day:

While it isn’t your ordinary relationship, the electrical mechanic learned very quickly that the rules are the same and what you do for one twin, you must do to the other.

“It was demanding in the beginning, but now I know better,” says Ben.

“It takes the spontaneity out of it sometimes, but everything has to be equal with these two.”

The shy fitness fanatic found himself in the spotlight earlier this year when he was identified as the boyfriend of 28-year-old surgically enhanced twins Anna and Lucy.

Now, the girls and their man, who live together along with the girls’ mother Gina, are happy to speak out about their unorthodox arrangement.

“The main question we get asked is, ‘How does one guy keep up with two girls in the bedroom?’” laughs Lucy. “Put it this way, we’re very active girls and he needs twice the energy!      Read More…

I like boobies and all, but them girls are nasty. And really, really creepy looking.