Last week an eagle-eyed, hard working member of the Transportation Security Administration disarmed a violent criminal in St. Louis, MS. The criminal in question, “Rooster Monkburn,” not to be confused with the similarly named former US Marshall and his accomplice Phyllis May of Redmond, WA were both ultimately released and allowed to continue on their way to Seattle. However the heroic TSA agent managed to confiscate Mr. Monkburn’s weapon.

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The violent terrorist Mrs. May who has an obviously fake cover job of creating & selling sock monkey’s, claims that she, Monkburn as well as her yet-to-be-named husband were on a flight from St. Louis to Sea-Tac and she had a couple of monkeys and sewing supplies with her in a carry-on bag. In the packet os sewing supplies was the weapon in question, Mr. Monkburn’s pistol.

The following is Mrs. May’s account of what happened when she noticed the excellent work by the TSA Agent:

“And the (TSA agent) held it up and said ‘whose is this?’” she said. “I realized oh, my God this is my bag.”

May said the TSA agent went through the bag, through the sewing supplies and found the two-inch long pistol.

“She said ‘this is a gun,’” said May. “I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

“She said ‘If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not,’ and I said ‘really?’” said May.

The TSA agent told May she would have to confiscate the tiny gun and was supposed to call the police.

“I said well go ahead,” said May. “And I said really? You’re kidding me right, and she said no it looks like a gun.”

Ultimately the heroic TSA Agent kept the lethal weapon without contacting the police. I’m just glad that our Nation’s skies are safe from this violent menace.