No, let me rephrase that, today is a wonderful day to be alive. America has made its choice and Barack Obama has earned the right to be called President-elect and in two months Chief Justice John Roberts will swear him in as the 44th President of these United States of America.

I got home from work on the evening of the election at 11 p.m. having avoided the news, and went straight to watching a couple of my favorite television shows to avoid the agony of watching the talking heads on television pontificate on the days events and reading the reactions of distraught from those on my side of the political spectrum and the cheer joy I’m sure that is being expressed by those on the other.

I don’t know what the final numbers were, I don’t know what the margin of victory was, I don’t know what happened in any of the congressional or senate races or any of the issues in my community or elsewhere in the country. I haven’t heard the concession or victory speeches, but that doesn’t matter now.

There will be plenty of time for me to write about how the talking heads are wrong and it was not Sarah Palin who did McCain in, as I’m sure they are — she’s the only thing that kept him in it. There will be plenty of time for me to write about how the talking heads are wrong, when they say that the problems that this country are in now and the reason we have a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat controlled Congress is because of Conservatism — its because of a lack of Conservatism. We haven’t had any true Conservatives in any high position in the Republican party for well over a decade now, just country club moderate Republicans who wouldn’t know Conservatism if it bit them in the ass.

There will be plenty of time for me to bitch and complain about America electing the first President who may not openly express the exact terminology of a Marxist — but whom is the closest we’ve ever come to having one, at least in my lifetime. There will be plenty of time to argue about differences on the issues.

But once again, this post is not about all that, there will be plenty of time for me to bitch and moan the next four years.

Today I am going to rejoice. Because it is a truly grand and historic time in the history of the American Nation, the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

We have overcome all sorts of obstacles as a nation and in our future I have no doubt we will overcome many more. This November we have elected the first Black President of the United States, which is truly a great occasion for all of the many races of people that make up the great melting pot that are these United States.

Does it end racism and bigotry? No, of course it does not. But I do hope that it can help to finally put to bed the notion that America is a racist country. Yes we still have much racism and bigotry throughout this country of ours, that we all need to work together to help eliminate, but America as a whole is not a racist country.

Mr. President-elect Barack Obama, congratulations to you sir on this monumental achievement. America congratulations on this monumental achievement.

It’s a great day to be alive and it’s a great day to be an American.