ui_logo_snoopifySnoop Lion, the former Snoop Dogg, who went through a Rastafarian re-awakening early last year in which he re-imagined himself as a Reggae artist has an app available in both iTunes and Android versions. That is not a very odd thing as many entertainers also have mobile apps as a way to push their brand and make some extra cash. The Snoopify app is free to purchase but comes with a lot of paid in-app add ons.

One of these in app purchases, is a digital sticker of a marijuana joint — which being a Snoop Lion app should come as no surprise. That is until you get to the price tag.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Snoopify, an app that stamps your photographs with stickers themed around Snoop Lion—the rapper also known as Snoop Dogg—is selling one sticker called “Golden Jay” for $99.99.

Yes, that is one penny shy of $100.

The jay—a word often associated with marijuana—emits a puff of colorful smoke and is adorned with sparkles. And it has been purchased at least 15 times, since its debut last week, the company says.

snoopify-app-sells-99-99-digital-sticker-people-actually-buy-it-digits-wsjI am all for free-market capitalism and hey if that’s what people are willing to pay, that’s what they are willing to pay. But damn, you have to be really, really baked to spend a hundred bucks on a joint you can’t even smoke.