Unlike my partner-in-blogging on this site, Arizona Luke who is firmly behind Rick Santorum, I don’t have a horse in this race. I just can’t get excited about any of the candidates the Republican party has fighting it out to challenge Barack Obama. I’m pretty much resolved to the fact that once again on election day, we as voters will be left with the options of a turd sandwich or a steaming pile of turd stew rather then the prime cut of New York Strip Steak that we deserve.

One thing I do know for certain though, I agree fully with Gary Bauer that we can do better then Ron Paul.

The thing that bug me the most about Ron Paul though is not his crazy foreign policy beliefs, it’s not even the racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric of his newsletters (though that stuff is disgusting and vile,) its not even the fact that he talks in a really weird high voice and wears suits that are 3 sizes too large — the one thing that bothers me the most about Ron Paul is his groupies. I use the word groupies rather then “supporter” then you would in a traditional sense when talking about those who back a political candidate, because that is what they are.

Much like the irrational fandom more akin to teen idol or a pop star, that started in the fall of 2007 and swelled to immense proportions in the summer of 2008 over the media anointed “savior” Barack Obama, Ron Paul’s ardent groupies have the same sort of lacking in reason devotion to their “savior.”

In 2004 you could barely find a John Kerry supporter that didn’t spit out the word “Neo-Con,” whenever talking about supporters of George W. Bush. Now in 2012, you will be hard press to find Ron Paul supporters that will not quickly spew out that very same accusation whenever someone dares question their idol’s foreign policy positions.

There is a difference between “wanting to go to war,” and wanting an America-first foreign policy that seeks to protect the interests of America. The vast majority of Ron Paul supporters just don’t see that so they just get all angry and defensive attacking anyone who disagrees with Rep. Paul or their views.

I firmly believe, much like the late Barry Goldwater believed that a sound conservative philosophy can and must be spread not just in domestic policies but in the realm of foreign affairs. Victory over our enemies, the enemies of freedom is a sound conservative philosophy.

Everybody wants peace, it is the ultimate goal. But not the false peace that comes with surrender, the peace that comes with victory over those that threaten our liberty.

That’s not a “neo-conservative” view it’s a CONSERVATIVE view.

Ron Paul groupies, much like their brethren the Obama groupies, just don’t seem to understand that.