Well it is Super Tuesday 2008: part 2, I will be finally getting the chance to vote in my State’s primary election today — unfortunately since Fred Thompson and later Mitt Romney have dropped out of the race I am left with the choice of the populist preacher, the GOP’s very own version of Jimmy Carter or the Democrat’s favorite Republican, John McCain.

Rush thinks that people left in my position should vote for Hillary. Sorry, its not going to happen, the only way I would vote for a Democrat is if I actually wanted that Democrat to become our next President. I understand Rush’s reasoning, the more chaos in the Democratic nominating process, and the longer this drags out — the better for the GOP, especially since it looks like McCain has run out of money until at least September.

Like it or not McCain is the GOP’s nomination no matter what the Huckster says or does and despite the fact that I disagree with the Arizona Senator on a whole host of issues, I know that while he is no Conservative and is barely a Republican he would be an far, far better Commander-in-Chief then either Hillary or Obama, thus he will have my vote in November.

I just haven’t decided yet if he’ll have my vote today.

I originally supported Fred Thompson, as a matter of fact he is the first candidate who ever inspired me enough to donate money to his campaign, seeing as even though he has technically dropped out of the race though has failed to formalize his withdrawal by sending a written notice to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office — a write in vote for Fred Thompson will still count as a vote for Fred Thompson.

I won’t be an idiot like some so-called Conservatives and write in another candidate come the General election in November, I’ll hold my nose and vote McCain then because I am a Conservative and Conservative principles simply will not let me sit by and actively help put an extreme left leaning democrat in the White House.

As far as Rush’s point about creatingEntre m�s <a href=”http://www.pokernuevo.es”>poker</a> compares mejor. chaos in the Democratic party, I don’t think that they need Republicans to play any shenanigans to do that — despite the fact that it seems all-but-certain that Barrack Hussein Obama is the apparent Democratic Party nominee — one must never count out the Clintons. They will never, ever give up. Hillary will do her best to get the Michigan and Florida delegates seated and get the super delegates to swing her way, even if it means destroying the Democratic party in the process — because for the Clintons it is not about Party, its not about values and its certainly not about country — its about power.

No matter what the results are when the day is through, I just do not see Hillary giving up — she will go all the way to the convention. It has already been an odd election cycle and one for the ages, I anticipate that the summer and the last few months before November will give us a whole hell of a lot more surprises.