I don’t know maybe its just me, maybe it’s the fact that my Cleveland Browns didn’t make the playoffs, but I chose to watch the Presidential debates rather then playoff football — and I have to say, that debate was damn good entertainment.

The real winners of the debate, was ABC News and Charles Gibson — who showed everyone else who put a debate on, how its done. I liked the little jab on “change” that Gibson got in on Ron Paul, when he was discussing “change” with all the candidates, he said to Paul something along the lines of, “the only thing you changed was your party.”

If I was scoring the debate like a prize fight, I would have to give the victory to Fred Thompson, with John McCain a close second. I honestly do not know how anybody could leave that debate without feeling that Fred Thompson was the only true Conservative on that stage.

In that debate, Fred Thompson showed what those who believe in him have known all along, he’s honest, he’s a strong Conservative and he has respect for the process, and is not going to let his campaign turn into a glorified version of American Idol. He had a great night and I hope that this finally put an end to the stupid and unsubstantiated claims of Fred “not really wanting it,” and “not having fire in his belly.”