Now THIS is how you recruit.

Every day. All day. Working hard to be a champion. That team that dressed in this locker room this year was special. It was not an accident that they won every game that they played and I promise you if we had the chance to play again we would win that game as well.

That team refused to lose. They would not be beaten. And it wasn’t because they were the greatest players in the country. The reality is they were not. But it was because they had the kind of heart and soul that is unique in America today.

You.. you have received the invitation to be a part of that group — that fraternity. What a special thing. I want you to understand as a coaching staff, Coach Meyer has given us one charge Go out and find the 25 best football players in the country and bring them to Ohio State. Go find the 25 best football players in the country and bring them to Ohio State.

We came here to do one thing: this right here. What is that? What do we do when we do this? Do you know? Hold the crystal ball. That’s the reason why you come to Ohio State. Are you going to be a first round draft pick? Maybe. You’re going to have every opportunity to do that.
But you’re going to have the opportunity — I promise you… I guarantee you, in fact — the opportunity to hold that crystal ball and in the process get a degree that is second to none. A university that has 52,000 students with an average ACT score of 28. You cannot find another place like this and you have been invited to join. You are truly special.

All the Bowl games have yet to be played, but I so can’t wait until next season starts.

Hat Tip: Eleven Warriors