Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commanment” was, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” While I of course have a great amount of respect for the Gipper, keeping my mouth shut just because somebody has an “R” at the end of their name is something that I cannot do, especially when it comes to a topic as crucial as the future of this country.

What I feel is best for the United States of America, has to always trump what I feel is best for the Republican Party. This is why I have no choice but to oppose Rudy Giuliani in his attempt to win the GOP nomination for the Presidency.

Rudy Giuliani is a very engaging public speaker and has a very charismatic personality, coming off at first glance as a very likeable person. I can understand why certain segments of the Republican populace champion him as the best chance the party has to defeat the Clinton train and hold on to the Presidency. However, 15 years ago I remember another engaging public speaker who also had a very charismatic personality and also came off at first glance as a very likeable person — he would of course go on to become President.

If charisma and likeability were the only things that Rudy Giuliani & Bill Clinton had in common, I would not be so opposed to a GOP Presidential ticket with Rudy on it. Unfortunately, not only are they both very charismatic individuals, their political beliefs are virtually indistinguishable.

Rudy even admitted it himself as shortly before his last second endorsement of Bob Dole in 1996 he said:

“most of Clinton’s policies are very similar to most of mine.”

Consider this tidbit from John P. Avlon, former Rudy Giuliani speechwriter and author of the book Independent Nation: How the Vital Center is Changing American Politics, as he recalls the now infamous image of Giuliani dressed as a woman at a New York benefit.

“When actress Julie Andrews asked him onstage if he now better understood the challenge she faced every night in ‘Victor Victoria’ — ‘playing a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman’ — Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani replied that she obviously hadn’t seen his act: ‘a Democrat pretending to be a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.'”

If Rudy’s very own words are not enough to show how much of a disaster for the GOP he would be, consider these comments from his very own mother:

“He only became a Republican after he began to get all these jobs from them. He’s definitely not a conservative Republican. He thinks he is, but he isn’t.”

In 1989 the Liberal Party of New York, which was founded in 1944 to support candidates with progressive viewpoints, endorsed Rudy for Mayor of New York City because,

“…we found that Rudy Giuliani agreed with the Liberal Party’s stance on a majority of such issues. He agreed with the Liberal Party’s views…”

40 years ago Barry Goldwater became the standard bearer for what it meant to be a Conservative, as he won the Republican nomination for the Presidency and helped to light the spark of what would become the Reagan Revolution in the 1980’s. Here is what he had to say about Mr. Conservative, Barry Goldwater:

He [Giuliani] described John Kennedy as “great and brilliant.” Barry Goldwater was an “incompetent, confused and sometimes idiotic man.”

–New York Daily News, May 13, 1997

Rudy Giuliani as President of the United States would represent the return to power of everything that Barry Goldwater and the Conservative movement tried to stop in the Republican Party. If you are planning on voting for Rudy Giuliani because you feel that he has the best chance out of the Republican nominees to defeat Hillary, while I disagree with you on that point, that’s fine go ahead and support Rudy.

But don’t dare call yourself a Conservative.