American freedom has always depended, to an extent, on what is happening beyond our shores. Even in Ben Franklin’s day, Americans had to reckon with foreign threats. Our forebearers knew that “keeping a Republic” meant, above all, keeping it safe from foreign transgressors; they knew that a people cannot live and work freely, and develop national institutions conducive to freedom, except in peace and with independence.

— Barry Goldwater in The Conscience of a Conservative

Ron Paul groupies like to champion their candidate as being the modern day heir apparent to Barry Goldwater and even liken his 2008 and current campaigns to the Goldwater Revolution of 1964. There is one problem, and that problem is clarified by the above quote, Ron Paul’s foreign policy beliefs are that of appeasement. Ron Paul would be the Neville Chaimberlain of our time. The late, great Barry Goldwater understood the complex albeit unfortunate necessities of peace through strength.

I love Ron Paul when it comes to the economy and other domestic issues. But when it comes to his foreign policy beliefs I am not sure if he is just naïve, or if he is a stark raving lunatic. He thinks we should make friends with our enemies like Iran, as if that was an easy task — or even what our enemies want.

Ron Paul likes to use the analogy that via the war on Terror we are at war with a tactic. While semantically that may be technically correct, due to the poor choice of words and the lack of political courage used by our leaders in describing the struggle we are in.

From Barry Goldwater’s acceptance speech at the 1964 Republican Convention. If you replace the word “communism” with “radical Islam,” it is the exact problem we are faced with today:

Today in our beloved country we have an administration which seems eager to deal with communism in every coin known – from gold to wheat, from consulates to confidence, and even human freedom itself.

The Republican cause demands that we brand communism as a principal disturber of peace in the world today. Indeed, we should brand it as the only significant disturber of the peace, and we must make clear that until its goals of conquest are absolutely renounced and its rejections with all nations tempered, communism and the governments it now controls are enemies of every man on earth who is or wants to be free.

We here in America can keep the peace only if we remain vigilant and only if we remain strong. Only if we keep our eyes open and keep our guard up can we prevent war. And I want to make this abundantly clear – I don’t intend to let peace or freedom be torn from our grasp because of lack of strength or lack of will – and that I promise you Americans.

We are at a war with an enemy (radical Islamists) who believe it is their religious duty to wage war with the Western World and remake the globe in their image. there is no making friends with an enemy like that, there is no making nice. There can be no “peace” without “victory.” Barry Goldwater knew and understood that concept.

Ron Paul would rather have us crawl on our knees to Mecca, then face the serious problems we have in this country head on. If Ron Paul were truly the champion of liberty that he and his groupies claim him to be, then his rallying cry would be “we would rather die then to lose our freedom!”