RINO's Reign in New Hampshire --- John McCain wins primaryWell the New Hampshire results are in and John McCain won, with Mitt Romney in a close second. I’m not really surprised at the outcome; New Hampshire Republicans are traditionally more moderate, especially on social issues. Despite the fact that Romney was the Governor of neighboring Massachusetts, I think that the fact that he has been trying to re-write himself as a conservative” may have hurt him a bit, that and McCain won New Hampshire over Bush pretty decisively in 2000.

Dee didn’t want to say it, but I will, voters in New Hampshire suck.

1. “Admiral Amnesty” John McCain
2. “The Billion Dollar Man” Mitt Romney
3. Mike “the Huckster” Huckabee
4. Rudy “Return to Rockefeller” Giuliani
5. Ron “Dr. Libertarian” Paul
6. “Mr. Conservative” Fred Thompson

I’m surprised that the Huckster did as good as he did, considering the fact that New Hampshire normally has a more educated voter base and there aren’t really a large amount of Evangelicals there, as in Iowa. I’m guessing since independents can vote wherever they want, a lot of voters must have fallen for his populist message.

As a Conservative, and a Fred Head, I feel really upset that the only real Conservative candidate finished 6th, but once again, the majority of New Hampshire Republicans are not really Conservatives.

I have a weird feeling that this is going to be one of the weirdest elections in memory — unless some sort of crazy scandal breaks or somebody goes completely bankrupt I don’t see anybody dropping out. It could conceivably go all the way to the Republican National Convention. I agree with Thunder over at Redstate, that we are entering unknown territory.