onepunkI don’t have the Sundance channel so I will be unable to watch it, but I may seek this show out if/when it gets released on DVD. Tonight at 9 p.m. on the Sundance channel, “One Punk Under God – The Prodigal son of Jim and Tammy Faye” premiers.

I only have a vague recollection of the P.T.L ministry and the Bakkers, as I was only about 12 years old when the ministry collapsed under heavy scandal. Most of what I know about the Bakkers is after the fact stuff such as Tammy Faye’s stint on the second season of ‘The Surreal Life’ with Vanilla Ice, Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada and others.

I do know that the Bakkers were both ministers and that the P.T.L. Ministry was a massive organization. Now it seems that their son, Jaime “Jay” Bakker is following in the family footsteps — sort of.

Jay Bakker a 30-year-old licensed minister, will be the star of the six-part, Sundance Channel documentary, “One Punk Under God.” He is a very, very different type of Preacher: he’s a tattoo-covered punk rocker who rejects his parents’ emphasis on prosperity and prefers a more humble environment for his work, usually bars, restaurants and anyplace that people gather.

His ministry, called Revolution, preaches the gospel to society’s outcasts. Advocating God’s love for everyone, regardless of past sins, Bakker has picked up a large and unusual following.

Jay Bakker started the first Revolution ministry in late 1994, in Phoenix Arizona, along with friends Mike Wall and Kelly Miller. He then moved to  Atlanta, Georgia, with the belief that traditional sermons and church services are not reaching his generation. He preached to the street kids of downtown Atlanta, drug addicts, punk rockers, Goths, and skateboard kids, as well as prostitutes, drug addicts, drunks and the homeless. Many of his followers are pierced and tattooed, and sport wild hair color.

The show will chronicle his final days in Atlanta, as now he and his wife have moved to New York where she is attending school and where he is continuing his ministry.

Both Jim, now 66, and Tammy Faye appear in the Sundance series as their son visits them to talk about their spiritual roller-coaster ride.

“I actually visit Mom whenever I can and my sister, Tammy Sue Bakker, moved in to help take care of her,” Jay Bakker said. “At this point in my life, I just want to bring some healing into people’s lives. In my life, I’ve seen far too much hypocrisy in the church and far too many people who have been hurt by the church’s condemnation,” he said.

“Through it all, I still believe in Jesus. I believe in Jesus’ message of love and grace and that there’s always hope in Christ. I know that my church isn’t very big right now. We’ve got about 200 people. But I really do believe that the world needs to hear this message — that love never gives up.”

As a tattooed freak myself, this sort of appeals to me, as I have myself grown disillusioned from the brick and mortar trapping of traditional churches as well as the strictness of the Roman Catholic Church, in which I am baptized.

I just heard about Jay Bakker and his ministry today, but I think I will be looking more into it myself.

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