I’m not a prolific blogger by any means, the closest I got to blog stardom was with my old and long-since shut down Right Wing Rebel site, when I got quoted by the official website for the Presidential campaign of the late, great Fred Thompson.

I’m fine with that, I never stared blogging in an attempt to become one of the next great voices in Conservative new media. I started blogging because I like playing around with web design and sometimes feel like I have something interesting to say that I want to get out.

I haven’t really done much of either lately.

Lately there has been something gnawing at me and festering deep inside that I just had to let out.

I am no longer a Conservative.

I have Donald Trump and more importantly, his supporters to thank for my new-found revelation.

Now, truth be told its been something that has brewed for a while now, years actually. I’ve alluded to this in the past without actually coming out and saying it before. I’ve written blog posts about “The death of Conservatism,” many times before after being inspired by the likes of John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. I’ve just could never make that last step, that final push until now.

It just took the reality TV star Presidential Campaign of the Donald and the love and devotion of his adoring supporters to be that final nudge that would push me over the cliff.

The_DonaldThank you Donald Trump. For now I have seen the light.

If Conservatives, many of whom I once thought I respected could actively support Donald Trump in his quest to win the Presidency, then it has finally happened. Conservatism is truly dead and buried.

Just about the only thing that Donald Trump has going for him is that he is an asshole. Apparently there are those who have claimed or do claim to be “true conservatives” who have such a deep seeded desire to see an unfiltered, loud-mouth, tell it like it is type in the White House — that they have completely bought in to the idiocy that is The Donald.

We have actually already had a few assholes occupy the Oval Office, the current Asshole-in-Chief and his two predecessors come to mind. The thing with the Donald however, he’s the first candidate in quite a long time to come close to sniffing that Oval Office air that actually talks like an asshole.

The thing is that no matter what measuring stick you use, there is no way in hell that The Donald is a Conservative, not by a long shot. He’s not even a Republican.

John McCain has fantasized about and even flirted with the idea of changing political affiliation for a long time. The Donald has actually done it. As a matter of fact he has switched political allegiances more times than rapper Sean Combs has changed names.

He’s done it about five times since the 80’s, he’s switched parties three times since 2001.

Hell in 2008 The Donald actually supported the Barack Obama campaign.

I was his biggest cheerleader,” the reality TV star told Sean Hannity on FOX News in 2011. “If you go back three years, I’m saying, ‘Do a great job.’ I wanted him to do a great job. I still want him to do a great job.

We are to believe that somebody who just a few short years ago supported Barack Obama is a true, dyed-in-the-wool conservative?

How about the way that the Donald has made some of his billions. An integral part is by using the strong-arm of the government to level whole neighborhoods, destroying homes and small businesses so he can build another huge building.

Yeah, the authoritarian use of eminent domain, that’s very conservative all right.

In 2000 he supported gun control, abortion, higher taxes and socialized medicine, now some of the same so-called “conservatives” who called Mitt Romney a “flip flopper” are saying that the Donald “evolved.”

In 2012 he said that Mitt Romney of all people was too harsh on illegal immigration,

Yet today, his brain-dead sheeple think he’s going to deport all the illegals and build a giant wall.

You are bigger idiots then Obama’s supporters if you believe that.

The only reason that anyone supports the Donald is because he is a walking, talking big fuck you to the establishment media and to the elites in both parties. That desire to stick it to the establishment, is so strong that his supporters are blind to the fact that Trump is not one of us. He doesn’t believe in liberty, he doesn’t believe in the Constitution or anything for that matter other than in his own damn self.

He is completely devoid of any Conservative principles and bases all of his decision-making on whichever direction the winds of populism are blowing.

I’d say don’t be fooled, but it’s too late. I can’t believe that there are many Conservatives, whom I respected that have bought into his garbage.

Barry Goldwater is rolling in his grave. Which brings me to the predicament in which I and many like-minded people find ourselves in. Where do I fit in the current state of the Conservative movement.

The answer is, I don’t.

Dale Watson, one of my favorite country music singers, hates country music. I know that may not seem to make any sense on the surface, but when you dwell deeper into it — it makes perfect sense. Dale Watson used to fight for the tradition of Country music, but in recent years has decided that war is a losing effort. Country music has changed.


Bro Country Fan? Donald Trump Supporter? Not much different, both are devoid of any intellectual integrity.

Watson is old school country music in the Merle Haggard, George Jones mold. The stuff that get’s played on country music radio today is a far, far cry from that. Sadly, when the general population today thinks of “country music,” they think of Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean and other such pop garbage.

Watson knows he doesn’t fit in with that.

Via The Lincoln Journal Star:

Dale Watson didn’t want to come up with a new tag for the music he champions and plays. He didn’t have a choice.

A hardcore Texas honky tonker, Watson watched as real country music was pushed to the margins in Nashville as the Music City labels pumped out contemporary country that’s influenced as much by hip-hop and ‘70s mainstream rock as it is by Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Faron Young.

“We were cast out,” Watson said in an interview from Austin. “It was occupied country music. They took over the name, they took over the house. We were left out in the field. We were too country for country and not rock enough for rock ‘n’ roll. We didn’t have a home.”

So Watson created a place for honky tonk, western swing, rockabilly and outlaw country.

“If anybody wants to know where what used to be called country music is, it’s in a home called Ameripolitan, right on the corner of original street and roots boulevard,” he said. Read More…

The current state of Conservatism has been infected, much like “Country Music” has been ruined by flat-billed ball-cap wearing, “bro-country” douche-bags. Conservatism has been infected by its own set of douche-bags. Donald Trump supporter’s are like drunken Bud Light fueled Luke Bryan fans destroying the venue after a show.

True Conservatives have been cast out from the movement. I find myself being too conservative for conservatism and not libertarian enough for libertarianism.

I don’t know what to call myself moving forward, “liberty republican” or “republitarian,” or something else altogether. I just know I’m no longer a Conservative… and I’m all right with that.