Image Via Fuck yeah Ohio

Image Via Fuck Yeah Ohio

A study by mobile advertising technology company (whatever the fuck that means), Marchex, has uncovered that Ohioans are the biggest potty-mouths in the Union. The study, released last May (I found out about it via A.V. Club), also placed Ohio in the top 5 of “least courteous” states, that is to say we don’t like saying “please” and “thank you” here in Ohio apparently.

According to Marchex:

The Institute, Marchex’s data and research team, examined more than 600,000 phone calls from the past 12 months. The calls were placed by consumers to businesses across 30 industries, including cable and satellite companies, auto dealerships, pest control centers and more.

The Institute scanned for curse words from A to F to S. Analysts then linked the frequency of those words with all 50 states.

Following Washington in the “Goody Two Shoes” category – states where people are least likely to curse – were Massachusetts (2nd place), Arizona (3rd place), Texas (4th place), Virginia (5th place).

Ranking behind Ohio in the “Sailors” category – states where people are most likely to curse – were: Maryland (2nd place), New Jersey (3rd place), Louisiana (4th place), Illinois (5th place).

Ohioans curse more than twice the rate of Washingtonians, according to the data. Washingtonians curse about every 300 conversations. Ohioans, on the other hand, swore about every 150 conversations.

Considering that the study was based off of telephone interactions with call centers makes me slightly skeptical of the wide spread implications of the study, after all what red-blooded American does not have his blood pressure increase the second he hears “for English press 1?” Still it’s nice to be #1 in something.