DustinBeanIf this guy could figure out how to actually push a button inside an electronic voting booth, there is no doubt in my mind he would be an Obama voter.

Via WJW:

BELLEVUE, Ohio — A burglary suspect fell through an attic floor after hiding from police Thursday afternoon.

At the time, Bellevue police were executing a search warrant at a home in the 100 block of Grove Street in connection with a Monday burglary on Crystal Court.

Suspect Dustin Bean, 25, was found hiding in the attic under insulation. While attempting to crawl out, police say Bean fell through the attic floor to the first floor of the house.

He then ran into the basement and attempted to hide from police again. Read More…

The thing is this isn’t the first time the idiot was found hiding in an attic. In February of 2013, police found him hiding in an attic, that time however he only almost fell through.

Via The Lorain Morning Journal:

BELLEVUE — A Huron County Sheriff’s Deputy, his K-9 and a wanted man narrowly avoided injuries Saturday when the ceiling collapsed during the search of an attic in Bellevue.

Deputy Josh Kaufman and K-9 “Gunny” were dispatched to Grove Street in Bellevue to assist the Bellevue Police Department with a search for a possibly armed man. At the scene, the K-9 and his handler teamed up with Police Sgt. Mark Kaufman, Deputy Kaufman’s father.

After hearing reports that the suspect, later identified as Dustin Bean, 22, was hiding in an attic crawlspace and possibly armed, K-9 Gunny was sent to locate him and eventually found him hiding in the rafters.

To avoid being bitten, Bean started to come out of hiding. That is when the ceiling gave out and Bean, Deputy Kaufman and Gunny started to fall through, according to Sgt. Chuck Summers, of the Huron County Sheriff’s Office. Read More…

What the fuck kind of drugs are they taking in Bellvue?