Anybody who is a regular reader of my blog, knows that I have already written out an official endorsement, unfortunately for myself — and America, Fred Thompson, the man whom I endorsed is no longer in the running.

I was not planning on writing another one of these endorsements, as after Fred Thompson dropped out, I was just going to go ahead and vote whomever the GOP nominee was, despite the fact that John McCain won South Carolina — because I honestly did not think that come a closed primary in Florida that John McCain would be the apparent frontrunner.

I was wrong.

On the basis of moderate Republicans and Independents whom declared as Republicans just to vote for him — John McCain won all of Florida’s delegates despite not having the backing of the GOP’s core of Conservatives.

Of course following the events of Florida, I was pretty upset. How could John McCain, a man whom throughout his political career has made great effort to attack Conservative principles and policies be the leading candidate to become the GOP’s presidential nominee? I was so distraught over the Florida outcome that I, (very) briefly, considered shutting down this blog and never bothering to speak my views about politics ever again.

By the next day, my anger over John McCain Florida win had subsided and shifted over to determination to make sure that I do even more to get the word out that John McCain would be a disaster for the GOP. I was even then planning on officially endorsing “anyone but McCain.”

Luckily I cooled down a bit and took a second look at Mitt Romney, I’m glad I did.

The first thing I did was go back and look at the National Review’s endorsement of Mitt, which admittedly I panned at the time (I won’t bother to link to my thoughts on that, look them up if you want). While the former Massachusetts Governor is not exactly the “Hard Core” Conservative that many Conservatives like myself have been yearning for, I have to agree with the editors of the National Review (especially now that Fred is out), when they say:

Unlike some other candidates in the race, Romney is a full-spectrum conservative: a supporter of free-market economics and limited government, moral causes such as the right to life and the preservation of marriage, and a foreign policy based on the national interest. While he has not talked much about the importance of resisting ethnic balkanization — none of the major candidates has — he supports enforcing the immigration laws and opposes amnesty. Those are important steps in the right direction.

Looking back at what I had previously written about Mitt Romney, when I made my post endorsing Fred Thompson, I was wrong. I simply did not know enough about him at the time and just echoed thoughts I had heard expressed by others, and the fact that he was Governor of liberal Massachusetts played apart in my initial misgivings.

However after having taken the time to take a deeper look at Mitt Romney, to research his stances on the issues and compare them to my core Conservative beliefs, I have come to the conclusion that there is no need to go forth through the rest of the primary process with an “anybody but McCain” or a “lesser of two evils” mentality — Mitt Romney is not only a fine choice for Conservatives, he should be the candidate that all Conservatives rally behind.

The Economy
As a Conservative I believe that, we the people have the fundamental and inalienable right to keep our property — the money that we earn, less whatever minimal amount is needed for the legitimate and proper functions of government. The problem is, what has come to be defined as the “legitimate functions of government.” Of course the government should receive a portion of our money, we need to be safe and secure, we need our roads to be in good condition, we enjoy having are garbage collected at our curbs once a week.

The size of government and the duties it performs has grown entirely way too large and nobody in Washington seems to concerned with changing that. Furthermore, almost a whole third of our earned income is being taken away from us, that is a pretty big chunk of our freedom that is being taken away.

Mr. Conservative, Barry Goldwater a man whom I often site whenever I talk about these issues had this to say on the topic of Taxes and Spending:

And let us, by all means, remember the nation’s interest in reducing taxes and spending. The need for “economic growth” that we hear so much about these days will be achieved, not by the government harnessing the nations economic forces, but by emancipating them. By reducing taxes and spending we will not only return to the individual the means with which he can assert his freedom and dignity, but also guarantee to the nation the economic strength that will always be its ultimate defense against foreign foes.

Here’s Mitt Romney being interviewed by Neil Cavuto a few moths back.

Mitt Romney, with his strong private sector business background knows that business is the fuel that keeps America’s economic engine running and that taxes is the substance that causes it to lose power. Romney wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent — because doing otherwise essentially amounts to a tax increase. He wants to eliminate the ridiculous death tax, which would make it easier for families to transfer their own personal property from one generation to the next. He knows, just as Ronald Reagan did, that when you lower taxes on businesses it encourages growth and investment, providing jobs. He knows that lowering income taxes across the board leaves more money for consumption and investment — thus unleashing the American Economy.National Security
Except For Ron Paul, all of the Republican candidates hold for the most part, very good positions on this. McCain and Huckabee however both want to close Gitmo and thus allow terrorists to have access to the American judicial system —- a dangerous and irresponsible wartime or anytime action.

Much like the great Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney believes in peace through strength — and thus wants to raise one of the only forms of government spending that should be raised, defense spending.

Here is Mitt Romney in his own words

Illegal Immigration
John McCain is not only bad on this issue, but his views on this, which he shares with his ultra-liberal buddy Ted Kennedy, are down right treasonous.

Mitt Romney on the other hand, is good on this issue.

In closing Mitt Romney is just the person that we need in the White House, he has the leadership and executive experience needed — without any of the baggage that is associated with life long Washington politicos. He is exactly what America needs in the White House.