Naked, high on meth and hiding near railroad tracks is no way to live your life…


Pasco Sheriff’s deputies captured Kenneth Michael Brown, 30, around 1:15 a.m. Friday along the railroad track near Pattie Road in Crystal Springs. An anonymous tip helped lead detectives to the area.

Brown was still naked, likely high on meth, and had a gun, according to deputies. He was treated for minor cuts and scrapes at an area hospital and then transported to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center.

More than 100 officers were involved in the manhunt for Brown including deputies from Pasco, Hillsborough, and Polk counties, including K9 units, teamed up to search for him Thursday in the area between State Road 39 and US 301.

Four crime scenes were established over the course of the chase and five people in total that Brown pointed guns at, Sheriff Chris Nocco said in a press conference Friday.

“There was a clear and present danger this individual was going to harm somebody,” Nocco said. “This guy was a time bomb about to explode and in our minds about to take somebody’s life.” Read More…

KennethMichaelBrownBrown’s not a very smart criminal, though most aren’t, his crime spree began two days before he was arrested as he broke into a home stealing a bag of coins and three handguns. He had apparently dropped the coins alongside the property’s fence and returned the next day to retrieve them.

Via The Tamps Sun Times:

The homeowner was home when brown returned and chased him off his property.

Brown then saw a 10-year-old boy while he was fleeing, and asked to be let into the boy’s apartment. The boy said ‘no’ and went to alert his parents but Brown attempted breaking-in anyways.

When he was unsuccessful breaking into the apartment, he ran to another apartment complex where he pulled a gun on a woman unloading groceries and stole her car.

Police say he wasn’t in the car long before he abandoned it and targeted another female driver. This time the woman gave him a ride, but she dropped him off near the woods and was left unharmed.

Brown took off into the woods, but by then, deputies were not far behind him.

Deputies were finally able to track him down near some train tracks early the morning of June 12. Brown was completely naked when police took him into custody. Investigators assume he ditched his clothes sometime during the manhunt. Read More…