I have been avoiding the blogosphere for the past few weeks, I have not been posting anything of late here on my own blog, nor have I been visiting any of the blogs that I enjoy reading. It is not that I have been busy with other matters that are consuming my time, while that is true to an extent — I have just simply so upset over the past few weeks that I have been drained of any desire to post my two cents on political subject matter any more.

I have been really upset that we will not have the all-around excellent Conservative candidate running for the Presidency, nor will we even be having a true Conservative running for that matter and that has upset me a lot. What upsets me even more is that there are a vast number of so-called Conservatives out there who are so upset at John McCain winning the Republican Party’s nomination that they are choosing to either sit at home or do the infinitely stupider idea’s of writing in another name or choosing “none of the above.”

Now I am not a huge fan of John McCain’s politics and have had great issue with many of the things he has done in the past, and am not what you would call a John McCain supporter. All you have to do is type in his name into the search bar of this blog and see many of the anti-McCain postings that I have made. With that being said however, come this November, I will be voting for John McCain and I will be doing so for a number of reasons, with the main reason being simply that — I am not an Idiot.

I will much rather have John McCain and many of his Democrat-light views masked as Republicanism in the White House then Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and their socialist views masked as Progressive Democratic politics.

I just feel that if you are a true, principled Conservative — that you would not knowingly enable Hillary Clinton or more then likely Barack Obama, becoming the Commander-in-Chief. But, I’ve already written about all that and if you want you can go ahead and read it here.

What finally brought me out of my blogging hiatus today is something that I wrote about back in January and that the mainstream media is only picking up on now. Barack Obama and his membership in a Church that preaches extreme socialist ideology and his unwavering support of that Church’s pastor — a man who preaches hate against America, and has done so for all twenty years that Barack Obama has been a member of his congregation.

The recently retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has called the United States a country that is run by the Ku Klux Klan. He has made the claims that it is the government whom sells drugs to blacks and causes the problems of drug abuse and crime amongst the black community. During his first post September 11th sermon, he blamed America for the attack and all but implied that we got what we deserved. He has made all of these racist, hate-filled claims and many more like them from the pulpit of all places.

If this is the type of man that Barack Obama spends twenty years listening to from a Church pew, if this is the type of man whom Barack Obama allows to perform his marriage ceremony and to baptize his Children. If this is the type of man who Barack Obama calls a very close and personal friend and spiritual advisor, if this is the type of man whom gave Barack the inspiration for the title of and some of the content of one of his books. If this is the type of man Barack Obama surrounds himself with to give him advice — we as Americans need to ask ourselves one simple question. What type of people will Barack Obama surround himself if he gets to work out of the Oval Office?

Think about that all you crybaby so-called Conservatives who are going to write in another candidate other then McCain or vote “none of the above.”