I needed to take some time and reflect before posting this, because had I vented my thoughts last night — this post would be an expletive laced tirade against South Carolina Republican voters, Mike Huckabee supporters and so-called Conservatives who would vote for John McCain.

So no, I will not complain about the idiots who are fooled into thinking the Huckster is a conservative and are willing to give Hope, Arkansas another chance to soil the White House — I will instead be happy that his second place finish even has himself maybe thinking he’s finished.

I will not complain about the sheeple that are letting “Mr. Amnesty” John McCain lull then into a false since of security — because at least Mike Huckabee didn’t win.

No I will not complain about the Republican voters whom obviously do not care all that much about Conservatism, because they would not have voted for John McCain if they did.

One last thing I will not do, is give up on this election. The stakes are far too important, for me not to continue to back the only Conservative in this race. Some of the other candidates sound conservative at times, some of them have even (only recently) come up with plans on certain issues that aim to solve the problems of said issues, in a conservative manner. None of them are Conservatives however.

The reality is, that because there is a vast segment of the voting populace that is either to apathetic or too stupid to think for themselves and would rather have the media tell them who their candidates are — the campaign of Fred Thompson is not looking to good. No matter what however, come general election time it will come down to a Republican vs. a Democrat to see who will become the next President.

So I agree wholeheartedly with this poster at Red State who says:

So over the campaign season, I, and I think a number of like-minded Fredheads, will continue to beat the drum of conservatism. Uncompromising conservatism. We will be holding each candidate’s feet to the fire. We will be broadcasting, in great detail, the records, statements, and stands of the remaining viable candidates.

We will not take our ball and go home. In the final analysis, there will be a Republican candidate running against Hillary Clinton. It is imperative, almost beyond expressible words, that the Republican win. To that end, the Fredheads are going to be ruthless in separating the wheat from the chaff. None of the remaining candidates will be spared the winnowing fork.

We want the best conservative candidate remaining to win the nomination. We will spill blood as needed to make sure that happens. A bunch of you are not really core-to-core conservatives, and that is fine, as long as you know that. We like you in our tent, but we are not interested in choosing a Repubican nominee to your liking. But many others of you have sold your souls to electibility, to the ‘horse-race’, to the campaign flash and dash. If that is you, you’ll hate me before it’s all over. Or you’ll change your heart.