… No, surprisingly enough, the missing POTUS was not found on a golf course. As a matter of fact, unfortunately it was not the real dear leader that had gone missing recently, but a statue of him.

Tiffany Bruce of Wilkes-Barre, PA spent months saving up the $1249 needed to purchase a life sized replica of President Barack Obama.


Fake Obama working about as hard as the real version.

In the time that she has had the icon of the false idol, she and her family had dressed it up for Halloween as well as as Santa Clause for Christmas. Earlier this week Bruce had found that the statue was missing from its normal position on a bench on her front porch.

Via PA Homepage:

Wilkes-Barre police say a fisherman found the statue in Francis E. Walter Dam in White Haven Thursday morning.

He notified police and Wilkes-Barre D-P-W workers are in the process of returning the statue.

Bill Phillips couldn’t believe his eyes Thursday morning when he saw President Obama at Francis E. Walter dam in White Haven.

“I just happen to glance down at the picnic table down here and I was like no it really isn’t . so I came down and drove around up next to it and looked at it and just bursts out laughing.”

Of course it wasn’t the Commander in Chief himself …but a life size statue of President Obama.

After seeing news reports he knew it was the statue stolen from a Wilkes-Barre woman’s porch earlier this week so he called authorities.

Phillips called police..meanwhile … snapped his first selfie with the president and a few more. Read More…

I say we replace this Obama with the one in the Oval Office, won’t see much of a difference.