On the first of this month I went ahead and attempted my first batch of mead, as well as a batch of wine the redneck way made with grape juice instead of actual wine grapes, or wine grape concentrate. Well yesterday was my birthday and I couldn’t wait any longer so friday night I racked the Juicy Juice Cherry Wine and then put it in the fridge to chill for a bit.

The result?

Well it definitely is no high class wine that’s for sure, it pretty much tastes like prison hooch. Or something akin to Mad Dog 20/20. Well its not exactly that bad, a friend was over to sample some and was like, “this is awful,” before quickly asking me to pour another glass. While not tasting the best, I never really took a hydrometer reading, but it packs a nice punch. I have a little over a half a gallon left out of the 1 gallon batch, I think I’ll use it to make a sangria or something.

Today however I went ahead and made another batch of mead, pretty much following the recipe out lined in the video below, from Storm The Castle. The only differences I used was instead of the Lalvin yeast, I used a Red Star Champagne Yeast, and I also added 2 small cinnamon sticks, as well as a very small amount of bentonite, that I mixed with some warm water first. That one is in my closet now sitting next to the Berry Mead that I made on 08/01.

I will probably rack it in about 30 days, and then let it age for a couple months. The Berry Mead that I made earlier I will probably rack in about a week or so, and it won’t age as long as the batch I made today. I plan on sampling the Berry mead by October.

Maybe in a few months, if the mead come out tasting good I’ll post my own you tube video on the making of it.

Make mead easily and successfully, from stormthecastle.com/mead: